Apple Reportedly lets select Employees take Unreleased products home

The Reports comes from an Unnamed employee of Apples, according to them, Apple wants to start delivering the early stage product to the engineers during the lockdown period. They take approval from the Vice president to review the list of engineers employees who will get unreleased apple products. along with Hardware, They will get upcoming software versions.

This Official announcement made by Bloomberg’s manager Mark Gurman, “The software releases for 2020 are currently on hold because Annual developer conference WWDC 2020 postponed to June and happening online due to the COVID-19” Mark added. now the internal tentative date for WWDC 2020 is June 1.

Reports also revealed tools used by apple staff during the lockdown like Slack, Facetime & Cisco’s Jabber & Webex foe Video conferencing meetings, productivity-focused application, Quip & Box for file sharing. The Company focusing to provide best Desktop & Laptops to the employees so they don’t face so much struggle during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Apple also running a desk setup contest to take the pressure off, and they are planning everything to the employee who needs to work without problems. Most of the countries faced lockdown due to COVID 19 and everyone is doing work from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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