Arnab Goswami Arrested by Mumbai Police for Suicide Case

Few days ago, Mumbai Police arrested Arnab Goswami for a suicide case of his interior designer. On Wednesday, Alibaug Police, followed by Mumbai police entered to Arnab’s house with Media and cameras to arrest him and take him away. They arrested him for a two year old suicide case, His interior designer take a loan of around 5 crores to design Arnab’s studio and he did not get any money and struggling in his life to survive so he decided to suicide and wrote a letter against arnab goswami.

After the report, Mumbai Police arrest him and record a statement of that man’s family, Arnab don’t want to go with them but they have warrant against him. Most of the people are against Arnab Goswami due to his behaviour on his show and all the time he only speak and don’t give any chances to the people who joined his debate. Recently, After Sushant Singh Rajput’s case he started to debate against bollywood and targeting wrong people without proofs so on social media he trolled by the most of the people.

Few weeks ago, Mumbai Police also has a meeting with Arnab Goswami for his language on Mumbai Police and Maharashtra Government and for the charges of bad language against Congress. Kangana Ranaut also faced the same problem, her office has been destroyed by BMC and also faced the charges against her for the POK statement and bad language for Maharashtra Government.