Bajrangi Bhaijaan box office collection | Day Wise | Worldwide

Bajrangi bhaijaan box office collection
Bajrangi bhaijaan box office collection

Checkout Bajrangi Bhaijaan Box Office Collection Day Wise, Worldwide –

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Box Office Collection Report – Bajrangi Bhaijaan is an Indian Comedy Drama film which was released on July 17, 2015. Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan and beautiful Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan played the lead role in the film. The film has the budget of Rs. 90 Cr and the film has earned Rs. 36.54 crores on its opening day and Rs. 969 Cr worldwide.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Review –

The film received good ratings from the critics and audience, and Get 3.5/5 ratings from IMDB

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Screen Count –

Bajrangi Bhaijaan was released on around 4000 screens in India and 1100 screens in Overseas.

Here is Bajrangi Bhaijaan Box Office Collection Day Wise –

Day wiseBox Office Collection
Day 1Rs. 27.25 Crore
Day 2Rs. 36.60 Crore
Day 3Rs. 38.75 Crore
Day 4Rs 27.05 Crore
Day 5Rs. 21.40 Crore
Day 6Rs. 18.02 Crore
Day 7Rs. 15.55 Crore
Day 8Rs. 12.80 Crore
Day 9Rs. 19.25 Crore
Day 10Rs. 24.05 Crore
Day 11Rs. 09.30 Crore
Day 12Rs. 9.10 Crore
Day 13Rs. 7.10 Crore
Day 14Rs. 6.03 Crore
Day 15Rs. 4.11 Crore
Day 16Rs. 6.80 Crore
Day 17Rs. 9.07 Crore
Day 18Rs. 2.75 Crore
Day 19Rs. 2.63 Crore
Day 20Rs. 2.45 Crore
Day 21Rs. 2.25 Crore
Day 22Rs. 1.45 Crore
Day 23Rs. 2.73 Crore
Day 24Rs. 3.51 Crore
Day 25Rs. 1.15 Crore
Day 26Rs. 1.02 Crore
Day 27Rs. 0.96 Crore
Day 28Rs. 0.91 Crore
Day 29Rs. 0.63 Crore
Day 30Rs. 0.93 Crore
Day 31Rs. 1.07 Crore
Day 32Rs. 0.38 Crore
Day 33Rs. 0.36 Crore
Day 34Rs. 0.33 Crore
Day 35Rs. 0.32 Crore

Worldwide Gross –

India Box Office Nett Rs. 320.34 Crore
India Box Office Gross Rs. 444.92 Crore
Overseas Gross Rs. 473.26 Crore
Worldwide Collection GrossRs. 918.18 Crore

Weekend Collection –

1st WeekendRs. 102.6 Crore
2nd WeekendRs. 56.1 Crore
3rd WeekendRs. 19.98 Crore
4th WeekendRs. 7.69 Crore

Week Wise Collection –

1st WeekRs. 184.62 Crore
2nd WeekRs. 87.63 Crore
3rd WeekRs. 30.06 Crore
4th WeekRs. 11.73 Crore
5th WeekRs. 4.02 Crore
6th WeekRs. 1.56 Crore
7th WeekRs. 0.72 Crore

Overseas Gross –

Opening Weekend$8 Million
Total Overseas Gross$74.4 Million

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