Best Platforms to grow your career as a Influencer

There are many people who wants to grow their career as a social media influencer and wants to get fame. There are many platforms which are emerging with the million followers. After ban on Tiktok many platforms start the short videos and reel platforms like Snacks, Instagram Reels, Youtube shorts, Faecbook reels, Roposo and many more. Today I will share all the details about these apps –

1. Tiktok –

The most emerging plateform are growing like a rocket, many people build their career on this platform and became an influencer. Tiktok is the highest downloading app since 3 years and now after the ban in India and United state, it is facing many problems in their marketing and revenue and also get loss in the business. Tiktok has most of the business from India and now they are looking for the any ideas to launch their business again in Indian Market.

2. Instagram Reels –

After ban on Tiktok, now instagram launched their reels to support the short videos. You can create your short videos on your instagram profile and you will get more engagement if you shared trending topics and hashtag related to videos. In the future, There are many scope as a Instagram influencer, and they received high pay for any sponsor post or product.

3. Facebook reels –

Facebook reels also same like Instagram, You can share the short videos on your profile or page and it will fetch it to use for the reels. It’s a new platform for the short videos so there are many ways to grow your career on facebook and you have the chances to increase the followers and likes. You can also sponsor your post or videos to increase your reach and followers.

4. Youtube Shorts –

Youtube recently launched a short videos section where you can upload or watch any short videos upto 1 minute. If you are a new on youtube and want to grow your subscriber and channel then with the help of short videos you can do that. Youtube launched shorts videos one month ago and now its increasing the popularity on short Videos OTT Platforms.