Best smartphone companies in India, Best Mobile Brands 2020

In India, There are a lot of smartphones companies which launch products in almost every week. Due to the more population, When a company launches a smartphone then in every minutes lacs of mobile will be sold. Many foreign companies invested in Indian market to grow their brand because India is a largest technology hub for any company.

You can check below the list of best smartphone companies in India –

1.. Realme –

Realme is one of the fastest growing company in India. In almost every week, Realme launch smartphones with all the latest features and design. This company started a trend of fast charging smartphones in India and also camera with 64 MP and also planning to launch a smartphone with 108 MP. It is an Chinese Company founded by Sky Li on May 4, 2018 which also deliver earphones, Shirts, T-shirt, Wireless bands, watches etc,

2.. Oneplus –

The company which has a special place in its loyal customer. Company launched a trending design with a circular camera which have 3 and 4 cameras in back and a selfie camera. Oneplus launch a series named T like 7T, 8T and more and currently its launched a Nord smartphones with special features. The company is a established brand and has a headquarter in Shenchen, China and was founded by Pete lau & Carl Pei on 2013.

3.. Xiaomi –

Xiaomi comes in India before the Oppo, Vivo, Realme and many more foreign company and start a new era of the cheap and best smartphones and Recently, They launched a smartphone called Note 9 pro which has 48 MP camera and it is only available online to purchase. The company has a headquarter in Beijing and founded in 2010.

4. Oppo/Vivo –

Oppo and Vivo is the oldest company than Realme in India and it have the more craze in the youth, Both also sponsored the IPL, Known as the Indian Premier League in the past. Vivo and oppo have the established headquarter in Guangdong.