Best WordPress Plugins to use on your website

Today we will tell you about those plugins which will help you to manage your website and you can easily use your website with the help of these plugins. There are many things which you do manually on your website and then a lot of time wasted but these plugin will help you to save your time and do things fast.

Below are the list of best WordPress plugins to use on your website –

1. WP Form –

This is the most important plugin for a website, Everyone wants a contact us page or form on their website to get queries or feedback from the visitors and most of the people just mention their email and phone number to get queries but with the help of this plugin you can create a contact us form with all the details that you want and it will send all the details on your mail that you added during the wordpress installation and you can also edit that email on your settings dashboard.

2. Insert Header & Footer –

There are many people who struggle to put the code on their website in head tags and body tags and they don’t have more knowledge in the coding in wordpress so with the help of this plugin anyone can place the code on their website with just few steps. After installation, activate the plugin and then you can see there are three option available to add your code, Header, Body and footer so you can place code on any area where you wants to add a code.

3. W3 Cache –

Many people wants to clear the cache of the website and also wants to increase the performance of the site, so with the help of this plugin, You can increase your website performance and also can purge the cache. There are many options available on this plugin so edit them carefully. The plugin has millions of installation on the wordpress and known for the best performance and to clear the cache.

4. WP Smush –

There are many people who want to optimize their images and also wants to convert the size and with the help of WP Smush you can optimize your images and also size. There are two option available in this gig, A Basic and a Pro version, In basic you can optimize your images with a limited features but in the pro version you can optimize with a lots of features and in bulk.