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Call of duty Warzone: Activision has banned Over 50 Thousand cheaters

Call of duty Warzone has been released by Activision and made a most played game record on its first day. Warzone can be played in Playstation 4, Xbox One X and for PC Last month. “Almost 50,000 cheaters have been banned by Activision” Official Website confirmed. They have security developers to monitor, investigate and identify policy violations and cheaters at the platform.

“There is no place for the cheaters in the game and we are newly made warzone has zero tolerance for the cheaters. We are working to identify all the cheaters and maintaining our platform to make it a fair gameplay zone.” states the company. they are working to improve the user interface and also its in-game reporting system. They get all the reports through the game users and working on them.

Call Of Duty’s developer will be providing all the Banned cheater’s updates in the future. You can check the official website to know more about Policy Violation. Sony made an exclusive partnership with Activision and you need to wait till April 30 to play it on Xbox one or PC. “We constantly improving day by day to ban cheater and there is no single solution for it. We are committed to ensuring a fun & fare experience for everyone” Activision said.

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