Coronavirus: Facebook to warn users who ‘Liked’ Fake Coronavirus News

Facebook started a initiative to prevent the spread of Fake News on its platform and with its continuing efforts, Noe They will start Warning to those users who Reacted, Share or Commented on any fake Coronavirus news. Due to the misinformation many users guided wrong and they believe on it, so facebook decided to remove that type of post and images from their platform.

If a User Do this, Then they will remove the post and send them a world health organization message about the Covid-19 Myths, Said by Facebook Employee. To get Accurate information about the Covid-19, Facebook added a function called ‘Get the Facts’ which have fact checked articles selected by Company’s in-house news curation Team with a weekly basis updates.

Facebook followed its tech giants to stop rumors and misinformation about the Coronavirus pandemic that infected around 2 million people and killed around 1,50,000 globally. All Tech giants company not only focusing to provide accurate news article but they also extended their Community help Features for the people during the lockdown to help them.

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