Kekoo Gandhi, The Real Owner of Shahrukh Khan’s house Mannat

Shahrukh Khan also known as The King Of Romance started his career with Baazigar and Deewana films in 1992 and established himself a actor. He is the world’s richest actor and own many expensive things. Along with Bollywood, He has businesses like restaurants, hotels, Real state, Cricket Team, Interior designing ( Own by Gauri Khan), Red chillies entertainment and VFX Company.

His house Mannat, the most famous house after Antilla in India, Mannat has its diffrent story. Mannat located in the banstand area of Bandra, Mumbai. SRK Purchased mannat from Nariman K Dubash in 2001 with the value of Rs. 13.32 Crores. When SRK high on his career he purchased it. The First owner of Mannat was a Parsee man from Gujarat Kekoo Gandhi.

When SRK Purchased it, The original name of it was ‘Villa Vienna’ and Khan thought to renamed it ‘Jannat’, After purchasing this house, His all wishes comes true and he reached to the peak of his career so he named it ‘Mannat’ . It made under 26,328.52 Square ft and currently the Value of Mannat is approx Rs 200 Crore.

In a Past Interview, SRK said “Even if i was broke one day, I would sell everything, but not Mannat”. In Mannat, There is a Push long area, world class chef to make best delicacies in the world, a Studio, Boxing Ring, Tabel Tennis, Huge Pool Area, A Theatre and more.

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