PUBG: New Vikendi has a secret Underground Tunnel with Free Loot

PUBG 7.1 Update arrives with New Fresh Vikendi Map, which has a secret tunnel. Game Developer gives a brand new look with Brand new Sniper Rifle, Kar98K and a new train. PUBG is the India’s most played game known as PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

In Old Vikendi Map, There was a rock tunnel and opened up by Grenade but now this favourite place of the gamer has been remove and a new fresh Vikendi Secret tunnel arrives with a new map. You can Reach at new tunnel at Cargo depot, where most of the players don’t want to land because they don’t get any loots here but There is a secret underground tunnel with 3 doors where you need to search for red cargo crates on the ground and press Button F to appears them.

You can get many things here like Sniper, SMG, Assault rifle, helmet, Shot gun with LV2 armor. The loot is enough only for a single player, You can’t get enough things for whole squad here. There are only two floors, First floor has Free loot and other one is a Bedroom with a Kitchen, TV and Sofa. which don’t has any loot at all.

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