Sanjay Dutt will do combat scenes with yash in KGF 2

The film makers are planning to Success KGF 2 more than KGF, so they are doing their best. Most of the shootings completed before the lockdown and They are doing editing of the scenes during the Quarantine time. When the lockdown will open they will start the shoots for KGF Chapter 2.

In KGF, Yash played the character of rocky, A Child who want to become the king of Mumbai and goes to banglore for a mission where he has a mission to kill garuna but he failed and decided to kill him in his own place. After complete the mission, There are two peoples who want to rule on Gold Mine, Suryavardhan’s brother Adheera and Saudi King Inayat Khali but they don’t know about rocky.

In KGF 2, Sanjay dutt will play the character of Adheera who are eagerly waiting to rule on Gold mine but after killing Garuna, Yash take his empire so Adheera and yash becames the enemy. The film makers plans many action scene and KGF 2 has a combat scene where Yash and Snajay dutt will fight hand to hand and for this scene, Sanjay dutt need to stay fit.

A Closest source of the star revealed that “Sanju’s diet controller his wife Manyata Dutt is not in the town, So he has to focus on his diet to stay best in according to the scenes, But sanju is trying hard because when it comes off in front of the camera, He wants to looks his best.

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