Shahrukh and Salman didn’t talked to each other many years for this Reason

shahrukh khan

The King Of Bollywood and also known as Baadshah, Shahrukh Khan the world’s richest actor and most brilliant actor and Salman Khan aka Bhaijaan did not talked to each other for many years, Now both are good friends and you can also see the cameo role of them in each others films. In a restaurant … Read more

SRK had tears when he saw Gauri sleeping in Iron Chair on their first night Because of Hema Malini


The King Khan of Bolywood, Shah RUKH Khan also known as Baadshah has very long struggle journy. He don’t have enough enough when he reached Mumbai. Shahrukh And Gauri is an inspirational and adorable couple of bollywood, They are very humble and have three kids, along with best couple they are ideal couples for many. … Read more